paracord projects

Try these Paracord Projects, Learn how to make a Paracord Bracelet, Paracord Dog Collar, Paracord Keychain, or more. Start with real 550 paracord, which comes in hundreds of colors and color patterns. 550 Paracord is made up of 7 inner threads, and a protective sleeve. 550 Paracord has a breaking strength of more than 550 Read More →

Paracord Bracelet 3

Paracord Bracelet Instructions, step by step easy to follow pictures. Paracord Bracelet supplies, First you will need about 12 foot of Pararcord, depending on what weave, and the size of the bracelet. If you want to make a 2 color Paracord Bracelet, melt the 2 pieces of paracord together. Now pick what Paracord Bracelet weave Read More →

550 cord

Get 550 Paracord for all you para cord projects, next time you go camping or hiking, or just keep some around the house. Parachute cord, or 550 Paracord, was first used during WWII on parachutes. Now Paracord is now popular through the military, Law Enforcement, and the the civilian world. 550 Paracord is called a Read More →

Paracord Dog Collar

Learn the Viper Paracord Bracelet Braid, and make your own Paracord Survival Bracelet. There are many different Paracord braids, here are some of the most popular. The Cobra, King Cobra, Sidewinder, Viper, Rattler, Mamba, Fishtail, Boa, and Copperhead. The Cobra being the most popular, along with Fishtail, and King Cobra (which is the same braid Read More →

Cool Paracord Projects

Make Cool Paracord Projects, Start with real 550 paracord. Make sure it has 7 inner strands that are double braided. The strand should also be white. 550 paracord should hold more than 550 pounds. Paracord comes in hundreds of colors and color patterns. Everything from Digital Camo, Rainbow, US Flag, Reflective and even Glow in Read More →

Paracord Bracelet Patterns

Paracord Bracelet Patterns with step by step guide with pictures. Learn the Cobra, King Cobra, Viper, Fishtail, Boa, Mamba and Sidewinder. Then try use them to make your Paracord Projects. The most popular of the Paracord Bracelet Patterns is the Cobra. With this braid you can add Tracer, which is a piece of micro paracord braided Read More →

550 paracord projects

Welcome to 550 Paracord Projects, find new paracord projects you can do. Learn all the Paracord Weaves, Cobra, King Cobra, Boa, Viper and more. You can make everything from a paracord bracelet, to a paracord dog leash. Plus check out the new paracord projects every week. The best paracord weaves to make paracord keychains are Read More →


Paracord is sometimes called a parachute cord or 550 cord, is a lightweight and durable mini rope. With a core of strong nylon strands, surrounded by a woven protective layer. Originally, Para-cord was used on parachutes during World War II.  Today, Para-cord is available in several sizes and a variety of colors, and color patterns. You can Read More →

Glow in the dark Paracord

Buy glow in the dark paracord, and make a paracord bracelet or keychain that glows in the dark. You can find glow in the dark paracord in 4 colors, blue, pink, yellow, and white. Think of all the different paracord projects you can do. Learn how to make a paracord bracelet, with one of these Read More →

paracord knife handle

Get Paracord knife handle instructions, start with a knife with a broken handle, that you can wrap with paracord. You will want about 4 feet of paracord if it’s a smaller handle, or 8 feet of paracord for a large handle. Also get a lighter and some siccors. There are a few different ways to Read More →

Paracord Bracelet with a Buckle

Paracord Bracelet with Buckle. You will need these Paracord Bracelet Supplies, or buy a Paracord Bracelet kit. About 12 feet of Paracord, a Paracord Buckle, some scissors, and a lighter. First decide what Paracord Colors you want to use, then decide what type of buckle you want. Paracord Buckles with different styles and designs. Some Read More →

Paracord Projects

Paracord Bracelets are made from 550 Paracord, with a breaking strength of more than 550 pounds. Learn the different Paracord Knots and weaves to make a Paracord Bracelet. Consisting of an outer sheath and 7 smaller inner cores. Such bracelets in some cases can be life saving for its production requires about 12 feet Paracord. Read More →