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Cool Paracord Projects

Make Cool Paracord Projects, Start with real 550 paracord. Make sure it has 7 inner strands that are double braided. The strand should also be white. 550 paracord should hold more than 550 pounds. Paracord comes in hundreds of colors and color patterns. Everything from Digital Camo, Rainbow, US Flag, Reflective and even Glow in the Dark Paracord. You can add micro paracord, to your cool paracord projects, to make them even cooler. You can buy Paracord online by searching “Paracord for sale”. You also can get it at most sporting goods stores. Once you have your Paracord, you can pick on of the Paracord Projects to do. You can make a Paracord Bracelet, Paracord Lanyard, Paracord Keychain, Paracord Collar if you have a pet. Also try making Paracord Knife Handle, Paracord watch band, Rifle Sling, Belt, or more. Once you have decide on the paracord project you want, you need to pick a paracord weave of knot to make it. The Cobra braid is the most popular, you can add a Tracer of Flatline to it. A Tracer is a piece of micro paracord that is braided next to the side paracord. Flatline is a piece of paracord with the center strings taken out, and its braided into the top. The King Cobra is also popular, and can contain up to 25 feet of paracord. It is the Cobra braid, braided back over itself. The Fishtail braid is a thinner braid, and only uses about 7 feet of paracord. You can also try the Viper, Mamba, Boa, Rattler and Sidewinder.

Cool Paracord Projects

Paracord Keychain with Tracer

Cool Paracord Projects

Mamba, King Cobra, Viper Braid.

Cool Paracord Projects

Learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet, of Buy a Custom Paracord Bracelet.

Paracord Bracelets

Paracord Bracelets are made from 550 Paracord, with a breaking strength of more than 550 pounds. Learn the different Paracord Knots and weaves to make a Paracord Bracelet. Consisting of an outer sheath and 7 smaller inner cores. Such bracelets in some cases can be life saving for its production requires about 12 feet Paracord. These Paracord Bracelets serve as a portable, light weight, strong emergency rope. That is, if you ever need it you can untwist your bracelet and get a very strong long rope. This rope when used in the fields in the absence of other materials may be used for various purposes, for example to secure tents, luggage retention, etc. If necessary, the inside strands of the paracord can be used as fishing line.

Currently, Paracord Bracelets are increasingly being used as a kind of jewelry – bracelets on her hand, watch straps, braided handles for knives and many more. Paracord bracelets use plastic or metal Buckles. Paracord bracelets in soothing neutral colors are often preferred by strong men. Due to the large variety of colors (black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, etc) Fishtail Paracord Bracelets have become popular with women. Very comfortable, light weight and beautiful Paracord Bracelet. Learn to make the different Paracord Knots, Cobra, Viper, Mamba, Rattler, Fishtail, Sidewinder, King Cobra, and Boa: How to make a Paracord Bracelet.
Paracord BraceletsParacord Bracelets

Paracord BraceletsParacord Bracelets

Viper Paracord Bracelet

Learn the Viper Paracord Bracelet Braid, and make your own Paracord Survival Bracelet. There are many different Paracord braids, here are some of the most popular. The Cobra, King Cobra, Sidewinder, Viper, Rattler, Mamba, Fishtail, Boa, and Copperhead. The Cobra being the most popular, along with Fishtail, and King Cobra (which is the same braid as the Cobra, but braided back over the original). You will get a different look depending on what colors you choose, some bracelets look better using 2 light or dark colors of Paracord, and some look better using opposites shades of Paracord. Viper Paracord Bracelet Braid, See Pictures below.

Viper Paracord Bracelet 1

2 Viper Paracord Bracelet

Viper Paracord Bracelet 3

Viper Paracord Bracelet 5

Viper Paracord Bracelet 6

Viper Paracord Bracelet

Made the Viper Paracord Bracelet, try these Paracord Bracelet Patterns. Learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet. With step by step easy guide, with pictures. Try these 8 different patterns, The Cobra, King Cobra, Viper, Fishtail, Sidewinder, Boa, Rattler and Mamba, Boa. Learn the all for your Paracord Projects. The Cobra Paracord Bracelet Patterns, is the most popular, you can also add a Flatline or Tracer to it. The King Cobra, which is the same as the Cobra, but braid over its self making it thicker. The Fishtail is also one of the more popular braids, but it only contains 6 to 8 ft of paracord. It is the narrowest of the Paracord Bracelet Patterns.  Check out this site for more Paracord Projects.

Paracord Bracelet Patterns

Paracord Bracelet Patterns with step by step guide with pictures. Learn the Cobra, King Cobra, Viper, Fishtail, Boa, Mamba and Sidewinder. Then try use them to make your Paracord Projects. The most popular of the Paracord Bracelet Patterns is the Cobra. With this braid you can add Tracer, which is a piece of micro paracord braided in. You can also add a Flatline or double Flatline, which is a piece of paracord with the center strings taken out, and braided into the top of the Paracord Bracelet. The King Cobra is the same pattern as the Cobra, but braid over its self making it wider, and is used mostly for Survival Paracord Bracelets. Next the Fishtail braid, it is one on the more common braids used to make Paracord Bracelets, but only contains around 7 feet of paracord. The Fishtail braid is the narrowest of the Paracord Bracelet Patterns. The Mamba and Rattler braids are similar but unique, and also use about 7 feet of paracord. The Boa braid is the second widest weave, and is similar to the Fishtail braid. The Sidewinder is also a wider paracord weave, and is best made with 2 colors of paracord. The Viper braid is a newer braid, with an aggressive look, and looks best when made with 2 different colors of paracord.

Ready to start, you’ll need about 12 feet of 550 Pararcord, or if you want to make a 2 color Paracord Bracelet. Get two pieces of 6 foot Paracord and melt them together. Then you will need a buckle, you can get the metal Paracord adjustable buckle, or the side release plastic buckle. The Metal Adjustable Paracord Buckles can be unconformable to wear because of their weight (on smaller wrists), and the pins can fall out. The regular plastic side release buckles are more comfortable. The first Paracord Bracelet Pattterns, start with will be the Cobra Weave. After you have your Paracord Bracelet kits, just scroll down and follow the instructions to make your Paracord Bracelet. To Learn how to make the other Paracord Bracelet Patterns and Paracord knots, or get a Custom Paracord Bracelet.

Cobra Weave


Tracer Weave


Flatline Weave

King Cobra

King Cobra Weave


Fishtail Weave


Mamba Weave


Boa Weave


Sidewinder Weave


Viper Weave

Learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet.

Paracord Knots

Learn all the Paracord Knots and Paracord Bracelet Patterns or other Paracord Projects. Paracord Knot tying is one of the skills that everybody should learn as you will never know when you might need it. Though simple paracord knots work most of the time, if your doing a special paracord project your may want a more complicated knot. Making Paracord bracelets or other Paracord projects is one of the best and fun ways to learn knots and weaves. Here are a few of the popular Paracord Knots, Cobra, Fishtail, King Cobra, Mamba, Viper, and Boa. Most of the knots you can also use to make a paracord keychain, or lanyard.

Practical Paracord Knots like the bowline, square knot, half hitch, is good to make using 550 paracord. Because it can hold more than 550 pounds, and is great because of the small diameter and high breaking strength. Parachute cord or Paracord was first used in the military in WW2, and now Paracord is widely popular throughout the military and civilian world as well. Paracord is popular with outdoorists, and is commonly used to make a Paracord Bracelet. These bracelets can contain more than 25 feet of paracord, and you just wear it on your wrist just in case you every need it. You can also get them with fishing hooks, and fire starters woven in them, so you are prepared for any situation that you find yourself in. Learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet.


Paracord Knots

Paracord Knots

Survival Bracelet

Making Paracord Bracelets doesn’t always mean using buckles for closure, most of the time, a paracord knot is proffered by many because it is more fashionable. Paracord comes in different colors and patterns. Some are easier to make and other takes time and practice. Most common paracord knots are the Overhand Knot, the Lanyard Knot and the Paracord Snake Knot. Learn all the different Paracord weaves and braids.

Reflective Paracord

Get reflective paracord for all your paracord projects. You can make a paracord dog collar with reflective paracord, to keep your pet safe at night when you go walking at night. Or make a paracord bracelet for yourself with reflective paracord when your walk or run at night. Reflective paracord comes in a variety of colors, it has a reflective strand in it. Learn the different paracord weaves, the cobra, king cobra, boa, mamba, viper, rattler, and sidewinder. Add a tracer or flatline to some braids, the cobra or king cobra. A Tracer is a piece of micro paracord braided alongside the outer piece of paracord. A Flatine is a piece of paracord with the center strings take out, and is weaves into the top of the paracord bracelet.

Reflective Paracord along with glow in the dark paracord, has been out for a few years. Originally paracord used in Parachutes during world war 2, and now is popular throughout the military as well as civilian world with outdoorists. You can get paracord  with different breaking strengths including 750, 500, 425, and 275 or tactical cord. However Reflective paracord only comes in 550 or type 3 and tactical cord. You can get glow in the dark paracord in 5 different colors, including green, blue, pink, yellow and white, but that only in type 3. You can get glow in the dark micro paracord in white. You can also find glow in the dark paracord that’s just a strand, like reflective paracord.

Reflective Paracord

Paracord Keychain Instructions

Paracord Keychain Instructions the Paracord Supplies you need is 3 feet of 550 Paracord, a Key ring, some Scissors, and Lighter. You choose to make a Paracord Keychain with you colors melt two pieces of Paracord together. Now you have all your Paracord Key chain supplies follow the steps an pictures below.

Attach the Paracord to the Key ring, like in the Picture below. Adjust the length you want your Paracord Keychain.

Bring the first piece of paracord across the project.

Then the second piece over top of the first, around the back, and up through the hole made by the first piece, and pull it tight evenly.

Continue the braid, Bring the first piece of Paracord across, Bring the second piece over top of the first, around the back side, and up through the hole made by the first piece of paracord.

Continue Braiding until you half about a inch and a half loop left.

If you have a Paracord fig then run the Paracord ends back into the keychain.

Then cut and melt the Paracord ends.

Completed this Learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet, or try these other Paracord Projects.



Paracord keychain

How to make a Paracord Keychain

How to make a Paracord Keychain

How to make a Paracord Keychain

How to make a Paracord Keychain

How to make a Paracord Keychain

How to make a Paracord Keychain

How to make a Paracord Keychain

Your Paracord Keychain should look like this.

Paracord Keychain

Get a Paracord Bracelet, or try to make these other Paracord Projects.