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Paracord Bands

Check out Paracord Bands, the hand made in Alaska. You can choose from hundreds of colors of Paracord. 8 different Paracord cord Braids, including Cobra, King Cobra, Mamba, Boa, Sidewinder, Rattler, or Viper. You can add a Tracer or Flatline to certain braids. A Flatline is a piece of paracord with the center strings take, braided over under, along the top of the paracord bracelet. A Tracer is a piece of micro paracord braided along the outer piece of 550 paracord. Paracord Bands come with a whistle side release buckle. You can choose a regular buckle, or stainless steel adjustable buckle.

What are Paracord Bands used for. A Paracord band is a bracelet made of paracord that you can wear all the time, or when you go out in the woods, or on a hike. You will have a about 12 feet or more of paracord in case you need it. You can use it to make a shelter, repair a shoelace, make a fire bow, use it for fishing, tie your bumper on or anything in between. Paracord was first used in parachute in WWII, and quickly became a all purpose rope used throughout the military, and civilian world. Because of its light weight, small diameter, and has a breaking strength of more than 550 pounds.

Paracord Bands

Paracord Bands

Paracord Bands

Paracord Bracelet instructions

Paracord Bracelet Instructions, step by step easy to follow pictures. Paracord Bracelet supplies, First you will need about 12 foot of Pararcord, depending on what weave, and the size of the bracelet. If you want to make a 2 color Paracord Bracelet, melt the 2 pieces of paracord together. Now pick what Paracord Bracelet weave you will use, the Cobra, King Cobra, Fishtail, Viper, Sidewinder, Boa, Mamba, or Rattler. Next you need a buckle, you can get the metal buckle, or a plastic one. The Metal Paracord Buckles can be unconformable to wear because of their weight, and if you have smaller wrists. We will start with the Cobra, scroll down and follow the picture instructions. Learn more Paracord Knots. Get a Custom Paracord Bracelet.

Step 1 – Attach the Paracord to the Buckles

Paracord Bracelet Instructions

 Measure the Bracelet on your wrist.

Paracord Bracelet 2

Lay the First Piece of Paracord across the top. This will be the center color.

Paracord Bracelet 2

Bring the 2nd piece of Paracord over the top of the first, around the back and through the hole.

Paracord Bracelet 3

Pull both ends of the Paracord tight.

Paracord Bracelet 5

Lay the first piece of Paracord across the top.

Paracord Bracelet 6

Bring the 2nd piece of Paracord over the top of the first, around the back, and up through the hole.

Paracord Bracelet 7

and pull it tight.

Paracord Bracelet 8

Continue the Paracord Braid

Paracord Bracelet 9

Paracord Bracelet 10

Your Paracord Bracelet should look like this.

Green Paracord Bracelet

Get more Paracord Bracelet Instructions, and How to make a Paracord Bracelet, 8 different Braids.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Paracord Survival Bracelet

The basic idea of this Paracord survival bracelet is to bring a lot of rope in a small space but in a comfortable manner where in case of emergencies would be undone and will be an excellent rope of about 3m of paracord ready to use. As first aid, basic knowledge of knots and knotting cords can also save lives. Today, we present the paracord survival bracelet for those who love adventure and survival. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where a rope is necessary to fix an object, perform an emergency tourniquet, and make traps, shelters and even escape. Paracord survival bracelet that you can always carry is a high strength rope wherever you go. The Paracord is a material developed by the U.S. Army for the manufacture of parachutes by extreme force 550 lbs and durability. This, comprising strings Polypropylene (PP) has a breathable textured to promote faster drying.

The paracord survival bracelet is presented in many colors and styles. Trusted by the US Military, made with materials that prevents rotting over time. In case of using it, you just have to disassemble the sections of the Paracord and your ready to go. A Paracord Bracelet is a very useful gadget for those who go camping, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activities. Get your Custom Paracord Bracelet from