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Paracord Buckles

Buy Paracord Buckles for your Paracord Bracelet kit. Paracord bracelets have variety of buckles. The most common is the side release plastic buckle. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and some with a little whistle on the side. They also have metal adjustable Paracord Buckles. They look fancy, but cam be uncomfortable to wear, especially on smaller wrists. Because of the weight of the buckle, it always hangs down, and the pin can fall out if you don’t tighten it. You can also use the ball closure, closing it with a monkey fist and a loop. Get your Buckles and Paracord Supplies, and Paracord Bracelet Instructions.


Paracord Bracelet Metal Buckles

Paracord Bracelet Metal Buckles to make your Paracord Bracelet, or you can get Paracord Bracelet kits that come with 550 paracord and metal buckles. First decide what type of paracord bracelet you want, and what buckle type. You can pick from the Cobral paracord braid, the King Cobra paracord braid, fishtail,  Boa, Sidewinder, Rattler, Mamba, or Viper. Add 1 or 2 flatline strands. Which is another paracord strand braided along the top of the paracord bracelet, with the inner strings taken out. Pick the colors of paracord, they can be one color, or fuse 2 pieces of paracord together for a 2 color paracord bracelet. Black plastic buckles in a variety of sizes and colors, to metal adjustable buckles, small locking carabiners, or a metal buckles. Go to Paracord, or click the picture below to buy a Paracord Bracelet Metal Buckles. Find more Paracord Projects at