Lanyard Knot

The lanyard knot or also called the Diamond Knot is one of the easiest kind of knot when working with a cord or a rope. A lanyard knot is bigger than a overhand knot making it ideal as a stopper when making bracelets. A lanyard knot can make any bracelet look attractive and more professionally made. It is recommended to learn the lanyard knot at it is handy in your many paracord projects.

A lanyard knot is a nice addition to any lanyard projects. A lanyard knot is more confusing than hard as the beginning but once you get the hang of it, a lanyard knot can be your go-to-knot. The only way to master any skill is through practice but you can be an expert in making a lanyard knot in just a day or two. Your fist lanyard knot might be a little sloppy just but remember that practice makes perfect.