Paracord Belt

Paracord Belts made from 550 mil spec parachute rope is used by soldiers, hunters and outdoorsman. It didn’t take long for people to realize a paracord’s usefulness in many areas and not just for parachutes. Paracord is now used for survival tools and as fashion accessories with a purpose like paracord bracelets, key chains, lanyards, and even paracord belts. Paracord Belts can be made up to 100 feet of paracord.

Not only are paracord belts trendy but it is also one of the best tools for survival. Paracord beltare loosely woven that is easy to undo whenever you are in an emergency and needs a long and sturdy rope. Paracord belts can also be put together quite easily when you need to. All you need is paracord and a buckle, to make your paracord belt. Get paracord supplies to make your paracord belt.