Learn all the Paracord Knots and Paracord Bracelet Patterns or other Paracord Projects. Paracord Knot tying is one of the skills that everybody should learn as you will never know when you might need it. Though simple paracord knots work most of the time, if your doing a special paracord project your may want a more complicated knot. Making Paracord bracelets or other Paracord projects is one of the best and fun ways to learn knots and weaves. Here are a few of the popular Paracord Knots, Cobra, Fishtail, King Cobra, Mamba, Viper, and Boa. Most of the knots you can also use to make a paracord keychain, or lanyard.

Practical Paracord Knots like the bowline, square knot, half hitch, is good to make using 550 paracord. Because it can hold more than 550 pounds, and is great because of the small diameter and high breaking strength. Parachute cord or Paracord was first used in the military in WW2, and now Paracord is widely popular throughout the military and civilian world as well. Paracord is popular with outdoorists, and is commonly used to make a Paracord Bracelet. These bracelets can contain more than 25 feet of paracord, and you just wear it on your wrist just in case you every need it. You can also get them with fishing hooks, and fire starters woven in them, so you are prepared for any situation that you find yourself in.


Paracord knots

Paracord knots

Survival Bracelet

Making Paracord Bracelets doesn’t always mean using buckles for closure, most of the time, a paracord knot is proffered by many because it is more fashionable. Paracord comes in different colors and patterns. Some are easier to make and other takes time and practice. Most common paracord knots are the Overhand Knot, the Lanyard Knot and the Paracord Snake Knot. Learn all the different Paracord weaves and braids. Learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet. Try the Viper Paracord Bracelet Braid.

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