Paracord Needle

Do you make a lot of Paracord Projects, making Paracord Bracelets or Keychains, and don’t have a Paracord Needle?  Have you ever made a Paracord Bracelet, and got to the end, and wonder what to do with the ends? With a Paracord Needle you can run the ends back down into the braid giving it a cleaner look. Then just cut it close and melt the ends. You will get a sharper professional look. I’ve tried a few different tools like small needle nose pliers or a nail, but a Paracord Needle makes the process much easier and faster giving it a better end result. Paracord needles are also call paracord fid, and they come in a few different sizes and shapes. Depending with what kind of paracord your working with, and the types of paracord projects your doing, will depend on they type of needle you’ll want. I like the 2 1/2 inch perma lok needle, that has a diameter of 1/16 inch. The main reason I like it, is you can use it for regular 550 paracord as well as tactical cord. The reg size of a paracord needle is 3 inches with a 1/8 inch diameter. They will work great if your just working with regular 550 cord. You can even get a paracord needle with a 45 degree bend in it, for the special paracord projects. You can just do a search for “Paracord Needles” or look at leather supply sites or stores. Just make sure it has a diameter of 1/8 inch or smaller, some needles come in a variety of diameters, sizes, and curves. Once you have the needle you want, learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet, or more Paracord Projects.

45 paracord needle

paracord needle