Use Real 550 cord for all you paracord projects, get a couple hanks next time you go camping, or just have around the house. 550 cord was first call Parachute cord, and was first used during WW2 for parachutes. Now 550 cord or Paracord is popular throughout all branches of the military, and the civilian world as well.  550 Paracord has a breaking strength of more than 550 pounds. You can also find it in 750, 450, and 275 pound test. They also make micro and nano paracord. 550 cord comes in hundreds of color and color patterns, every solid color, neon colors, zombie and camo. Even reflective and Glow in the dark Paracord.

550 Paracord is more commonly being used to make Paracord Projects like, Paracord or Survival Bracelets, Key chains, Dog Collars, and wrap Knife handles. Learn how to make a Paracord Bracelet that contains around 20 ft of paracord on your wrist. You can weave in a fish hook, wire saw, or fire starter, or more to be ready for any survival case. Take out the inner strands of the 550 cord and tie them together making a longer string. Then put a hook on the end, and your ready to go fishing. You can also use Paracord to make a bow fire starter. There are hundreds of uses for 550 cord, every thing from replacing your shoe laces, to tying on your bumper. Because Paracord has a test strength of more than 550 pounds, you don’t have to worry about it breaking. Get Paracord Bracelet Instructions, learn Paracord Bracelet Patterns, or more Paracord Projects.

550 cord