Make a Paracord Collar for your pet. It will be stronger and last longer, plus you can pick from hundreds of colors of paracord. You can even get Glow in the dark or reflective paracord, to help your pet be safe at night. Depending on the size of your pets  neck, will determine how much paracord you will need, if you have a cat, you will need about 12 feet of paracord. If you have large dog you might need about 25 or 30 feet of paracord. Now you need to decide if you want to make a 2 color paracord collar, or just one. If your going to make a 2 color collar, just melt the ends together. After you have your paracord buckle, metal D ring and paracord, your ready to start making it. T

These instructions for your paracord collar is the cobra weave. It is also the same weave to make a paracord bracelet, the only differences many be the size, and the D ring. So if you already know the cobra weave it will be simple, you just have to weave in the D ring. You don’t have to use a D ring, you can use a piece of paracord, just make sure it’s attached properly. Attach the buckles to the paracord, and measure the size around your pets neck. Once you have the size you can start weaving. Follow the picture instructions below. Make sure you don’t make it to small that it will choke your pet, or to big that it will fall off.