Get reflective paracord for all your paracord projects. You can make a paracord dog collar with reflective paracord, to keep your pet safe at night when you go walking at night. Or make a paracord bracelet for yourself with reflective paracord when your walk or run at night. Reflective paracord comes in a variety of colors, it has a reflective strand in it. Learn the different paracord weaves, the cobra, king cobra, boa, mamba, viper, rattler, and sidewinder. Add a tracer or flatline to some braids, the cobra or king cobra. A Tracer is a piece of micro paracord braided alongside the outer piece of paracord. A Flatine is a piece of paracord with the center strings take out, and is weaves into the top of the paracord bracelet.

Reflective Paracord along with glow in the dark paracord, has been out for a few years. Originally paracord used in Parachutes during world war 2, and now is popular throughout the military as well as civilian world with outdoorists. You can get paracord ¬†with different breaking strengths including 750, 500, 425, and 275 or tactical cord. However Reflective paracord only comes in 550 or type 3 and tactical cord. You can get glow in the dark paracord in 5 different colors, including green, blue, pink, yellow and white, but that only in type 3. You can get glow in the dark micro paracord in white. You can also find glow in the dark paracord that’s just a strand, like reflective paracord.

Reflective Paracord